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Poetry, oh noetry!

Let's do some writing.

Poetry Workshop, round two
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A poetry workshop between poets and friends
The Cast:
Amy: Amelia never abbreviates "et cetera." Her favorite holiday is your birthday. She drinks coffee by the pot. Her fictional heroes include Elphaba Thropp and Stargirl. She takes in a lot of vitamin C to prevent the scurvy.

Lucy: [Blurb coming soon]

Sarah: Sarah, in addition to being a lush, is addicted to wholesome beverages like Root Beer and Ginger Ale. Her heroes include Lolita, Mary Ann Samyn, Persphone, and Alice in Wonderland. She takes long walks on the lakeshore alone at night and hates the way lotion feels on her hands.

Beth: [Coming soon]

Kristi: [Coming soon]
blind hamsters, ferrets, intellectual conversations about everything, lake superior, movies, poetry, popcorn, reading, red wine, root beer, talking, writing